Meine träume Häuse - Das Hauses in our dreams

Dieser Artikel ist auf Englisch. Ich habe meine träume Häuse geschrieben. 
Today, All of the modern people ive in a haus. As we know, there are a lot of typic haus all over the world as apartman, block of flats, cottag, detached, terraced hause etc... Some people live in a country, city centre, suburbs, or small town. some people live in a village, residential area or second floor too.
But sometimes although we live in a hause, we want to live in a different haus. It is our dream. The people, who live in a block of flats, can want to live in acottage or deteched. The people, who live in city centre, can want to live in second floor or village. 
Now let's we think a person, who want to live a hause. It is his dream haus. But he lives in a block of flats in small town. Also he is a student, he will be a akedemisher in an university after 2 years. He thinks that;
If I have lots of money, I'll buy a new haus. I must be away from the city centre. It can be a cottage, It has a garage, balcony, terrase, a poor etc... Also ıt must be near the see. I want that, my hause's left is forest, right is mauntain, back is river and opposite is see. I dont want to live in a big hause. It can be small but a lot of rooms. Computer, music&TV system must be in my room. Also 4 persons work in my hause. First person can be my weiter, second can be my hausmaid, and one of other can work in the garden and one of the other can be my driver. My hause's colour can be wihte and black. I now today it can't be possible for me,  but only I think in my dream. 
As we see, all of the people have a hause in their dreams. So now, think you please. If you have a chance, how is the haus do you want in your dream. It can be old, modern, new, big, or middle of the garden, near the see, on the mauntain... in a site, city centre, village, small town etc...
Only think and write.
Don't forget, when you write it, ıt can be possible if you want.

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